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Is Photography Masterclass Magazine available in printed hardcopy?
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Photography Masterclass Magazine is digital-only and is not available in print – we specifically designed it that way. Our monthly digital issues are filled with videos, step-by-step instruction and expert-led guidance. The interactive nature of the magazine, with the inclusion of videos, just wouldn't be possible with a print magazine and allows us to provide photographers with a one-stop-shop helpful resource that they need boost their skills and get more satisfaction from their photography.

How Do I Access The Magazine?
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You can enjoy Photography Masterclass Magazine from your desktop computer through our web browser app or on your tablet/phone through our mobile apps for Apple and Google Play, all with the same login details.

How Many Issues Do You Publish A Year?
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Photography Masterclass Magazine is monthly magazine. We publish a new issue every month.

Where Can I Download The Apps?
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You can access the web app on any browser here. You can download the Apple App here and the Google Play app here

Can I Download Magazine Issues?
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The magazines are downloadable when using our iOS or Android app. This allows you to read them offline with no internet connection. The videos are however not viewable without an active internet connection as the files would be unrealistically large to download & store on a mobile device.

How Do I Login To The Web & Mobile Apps
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If you need help logging in, please see our help article here on how to login.

I'm a mobile app subscriber. How do I access my subscription on other devices (such as Mac or PC)?
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To access your subcription on other devices, please login to the other device using your current Photography Masterclass Magazine login details. If you need help logging in, please see our help article here on how to login.

I am an mobile app subscriber – how can I view my current subscription information?
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If you have subscribed via our mobile app (i.e. with an in-app purchase) you can view your subscription information by following the steps here.

I've forgotten my password. Can you tell me what it is?
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We can't see what password was used to setup your account. You will need to reset it here.

How do I set a new password?
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On a desktop computer:

When you are logged in on your Desktop computer, click “My Account” in the upper, right corner. Click the “Change My Password” link under your username.

On the mobile apps:

From the app, use the forgot password feature on the login window (by tapping the settings icon > Login). Simply click “Forgot Password” and follow the steps. If you are already logged in, you will need to logout first to see this option.

How do I unsubscribe?
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Please let us know if there is anything we can assist with before deciding to unsubscribe as we'd love to do everything we can do to help. We'd be grateful if you could provide valuable feedback as we genuinely use this to improve our magazine. If you still want to go ahead and unsubscribe, please click here

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