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The WHY Behind Photography Masterclass Magazine

image of editor Gill Roberts

Gill Roberts here from Photography Masterclass Magazine with a quick story for you.

A lot of people have asked why we created Photography Masterclass Magazine… what’s the story behind it?

Of course, we’re all about helping you get great results with your photography. That’s our #1 goal!

But our commitment and dedication to help you take your photography to the next level goes deeper than that… much deeper!

So we wanted to share with you the story behind Photography Masterclass Magazine so you can understand the reason we do what we do and why we care so much about your photography success.

You may be wondering a little about how I came to be here with you today.

Let me tell you a quick story about when I first became interested in photography and how I almost gave up before I’d even really started!

Like most new photographers, I turned to traditional photography magazines to help me learn the skills I needed.

I quickly became frustrated with what I found.

There was no interactivity, no videos and no links to find out more, which is something I’d become used to by learning through resources on the internet and YouTube.

But I just didn’t have the time to spend hours online searching to find out what I needed to know.

I’d also been looking at amazingly inspirational photos on a popular photo sharing site, but when I picked up traditional photography magazines the images in them just didn’t inspire me in the same way as the images I was seeing on that site did.

I wanted to find a resource that had everything I wanted all in one place… but I just couldn’t find it.

And I was getting more and more frustrated.

At the time I was running my IT business, building and selling websites and I was looking for a change of direction.

I’d wanted to create an app for a long time, with the intention of using it to help others achieve their goals. So when the right moment presented itself I jumped at the opportunity.

The problem was, I didn’t know yet exactly what my app would be about, only that I wanted to use it to make a difference in people’s lives.

For the next few weeks I thought about it, almost constantly. Pretty much the only time I wasn’t thinking about it was when I was asleep but I still didn’t have any ideas!

As you can imagine, I feeling desperate that I'd never be able to think of an idea. I wasn’t ready to give up on my dream of creating an app that could change people’s lives. I was also feeling more and more frustrated with how I was having to learn photography.

But sometimes the most obvious answers are staring you right in the face, and suddenly one day it hit me.

Why not combine my love of IT and desire to create an app, with my love of photography! I could create that magazine I’d been searching for but couldn’t find.

At that point, everything changed!

And that is how Photography Masterclass Magazine was born.

I realised a lot of photographers were in the same position I was. Wanting to learn the skills they needed to take pro level photos but unable to find a resource that gave it to them all in one place.

Because I was in the same position myself, my mission with the magazine was simple. Not only to have great content and expert articles with amazing inspirational images, but also to have video tutorials, to demonstrate the skills photographers needed, to feel confident with their expertise and ultimately come away with images they really felt proud of. That was my dream when I started the magazine.

My mission is, and always has been, to help as many photographers as possible achieve their dream of taking pro level photos. And the feedback I’ve got from readers is that this is reflected in every issue of the magazine, just like I hoped it would be.

Now I’m living my dream of being able to help people really come away with images they can be proud of and make a difference in photographers lives all around the world.

And that’s why I’m so passionate about Photography Masterclass Magazine, so you can experience the dream of taking pro level photos and really creating images you can be proud of.

So, that’s the story behind Photography Masterclass Magazine 🙂

And as you can see, what we do and why we care about you and your results goes way deeper than just “photography.”

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