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If you are a photographer with tips to share and are interested in helping others improve their photography, then we’d love to feature your content in the Photography Masterclass Magazine or on our website. We accept both article and video submisions.

Your submission can be based on any topic relating to digital photography, including post-production. We also accept reviews of cameras, lenses and equipment.

It is helpful to be able to include at least one of your original photos to describe your content, if possible. Because we are an interactive magazine we’re more than happy to include links back to your blog, website, or any other account featuring your photography, so if you’d like us to do this remember to include the relevant URL with your submission.

You can use the form below to tell us about the content you’d like to submit.

Although we’d love to use everyone’s submissions, we may not be able to feature all submissions received. If you are unsure whether your content is suitable please feel free to contact us with a short description of your idea and we’ll let you know whether we think we can include it.

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If you have already published / written the content, and would like to send us the link, you may also do so here

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Note that, although we’d love to, due to the high number of submissions that we receive it isn’t always possible to respond to every submission made.
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